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Our aim is to develop and deliver solutions that will improve and help your business. We have a diverse team with experience both in manned and unmanned aviation. Our expertise allows us to provide you with tailor made and innovative unmanned technology solutions for your business.
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Our Mission -

We are passionate about helping you grow your business and understand how you can implement an effective unmanned technology strategy that works. Our mission is creating and delivering transformational business change through the application of drone and unmanned technology.

Our Expertise -

Our consultancy team consist of commercial, safety, policy and public affairs, technology, aviation audits, legal and regulatory expertise to ensure that together with our excellent and extensive network in manned and unmanned aviation we are always able to provide you with the right solution.
Commercial & Technology
There are several benefits to adding drones and unmanned technology to your business, with the help of VLK getting started is no longer complex and confusing. At VLK we understand that Drone and unmanned technology is developing quickly, making drones more versatile and better suited for commercial needs. VLK’s commercial service makes it easy for you to determine how this fits your organization's specific goals and ensures your compliant with all the necessary requirements.

Our consultants will help you answer the difficult questions about implementation. This will help us provide recommendations on next steps to reach your business goals.
Policy & Public Affairs
Should you be an early adopter or a fast follower? Without knowing the policy landscape of drone and unmanned technology that is a difficult question to answer. At VLK we help you understand the policy developments that will influence your business in the present but more importantly in the future.

The implementation of drones and legislation is constantly changing and being discussed and debated by policy makers and developers. Understanding how this will affect how your business uses drone and unmanned technology is essential for implementing a future proof technology roadmap for your organization. Our consultants will help you implement a strategy that takes into account how policy makers and regulators look at drone and unmanned technology and how future initiatives will have an impact on the possibilities for drone and unmanned technology to give you a competitive advantage.
Regulatory & Compliance
With the ever-evolving legal and regulatory aspects drone and unmanned technology VLK is uniquely positioned to educate your organization and help you stay up to date on existing and future rules and regulations. We are your strategic partner for successful legal and regulatory implementation.

Our consultants will go through each step of the applicable regulations with you to develop a set of best practices for your regulatory compliance program. Our consultants are subject matter experts that will teach you how to establish a strong backbone of excellent regulatory training and ensuring ongoing and continuous improvement that demonstrates compliance with the rules and regulations. This will provide your organization with all of the information and regulatory training needed to operate drones safely and efficiently and will also help you satisfy your insurance requirements.
Aviation Audits
VLK is your full-service provider for safety and quality management solutions in the manned and unmanned aviation world. Besides various audit programmes or audit consultants can help your organization with training and services worldwide to gain a long-term effect in operational efficiency and performance. We encourage partnership and cooperation to develop solutions that exactly suit your processes.

The VLK audit team consists of qualified auditing and training experts that have been trained by Aviation Quality Services (the world’s first IATA accredited Audit Organization). We continuously use our understanding of manned and unmanned aviation, to find tailor made and innovative ways to meet our customers' individual needs. As a result, we are able to offer an exceptionally extensive know-how to fulfil current as well as future requirements.

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